This has been very easy on my stomach, which has been sensitive to so much lately. I notice a big difference using this and get no bloating at all. I
usually mix it into my fruit smoothies. It has been a great buy!
— - J. G.
Gentle flax fiber has multiple health benefits for cholesterol, Omega-3s and menopausal symptoms.
I try to eat as much fiber as possible but my doc also wants to me use a fiber supplement. I’ve tried several and some work better than others, but the biggest differences for this one are its taste and gentleness. No uncomfortable urgency is created with this and it doesn’t feel harsh in your system like Metamucil can. When I opened it, my SO and I noticed the smell, which is mild and pleasant, unlike a lot of other fibers.

It dissolved extremely easily in water and wasn’t difficult to drink. We have started adding it to homemade smoothies and juices because it dissolves well and it’s got this very light almost nutty taste. It’s flax, which I think tastes good. I haven’t had any trouble “remembering” to use this one. Out of the several fiber supplements in the house, this is the one I am turning to the most. And it’s the only one I can get my SO to use.

It’s no mystery that fiber is good for us. I need primarily it to help keep cholesterol levels in check. I have some intestinal disorders that sort of fight with each other for dominance over my system. It’s a very delicate push-pull with the medications and supplements my GI doc has recommended I use. Some days are better than others. Having a gentle fiber like this is less likely to aggravate some of my other problems. Flax is also a great source of Omega-3s. Flax is helpful for hormonal balance which is definitely a good thing as it helps with my menopausal symptoms.

I recommend this product. It smells good, dissolves easily and doesn’t taste gross
— Heather Wilson
This fiber product is great. I have used others and will buy this again. I mix this in yogurt and really enjoy the taste. I particularly like that it has three organic fibers in it that are different than others that I have
— S. W.
I think this is an important product for anyone taking long-term antibiotic therapy. This replaces what should be made by the gut flora that may be disturbed by the antibiotics. I take this along with a good probiotic and have been extremely happy with the results. I prefer this product to the cal/mag blends as it doesn’t seem to have the same laxative
— BEA W.
This product has been fantastic for my colon health. I’ve spent so much money on supplements for the last 2 years trying to manage my GI issues. This really improved things. I still have issues with my upper GI tract so keep in mind that this product is really targeted toward the large intestine.
— Silvia D.
A different way to help improve the good intestinal bacteria.
I’ve been using this product for just over a week now and it seems to be helping with the overall good feeling of my gut. Between this and a probiotic I’ve been taking my frequent gas problems have pretty much gone away. You’re hearing more and more these days about how important good intestinal bacteria is and this product is supposed to help in a different way as a prebiotic. I was very pleased to see that when I opened the bottle, the capsules were filled right up to the top. The bottle was so full that I doubt you could have put another capsule in it. That’s nice to see when a lot of companies seem to be cutting corners these days.
— Jim
I see a difference when I take this every day. My stomach seems less bloated and swollen. My friend recommended this to me and so far this is living up to its recommendations.
— Louise
I’ve had a number of antibiotic treatments lately and have been taking this to help out my GI tract. The high number of live bacteria is really necessary. I’ve had great results, love it!
— F. M.
I have been battling Candida (overgrowth of yeast in your body) for a while know and have been changing my eating habits to follow a strict Candida Diet. You can’t have many things like Dairy, Gluten, and primarily Sugar. Basically you have to avoid things that affect your blood sugar levels. Another part of the diet says to incorporate Probiotics.

”There are three parts of the Candida Diet plan that are indispensable – a change in your eating habits, the antifungals, and a course of good probiotics.
If you get all three working together you have a great chance of beating your Candida overgrowth. So why are probiotics so important, and what exactly is their role in the diet.
Probiotics are a great supplement to take whether you have a Candida overgrowth or not. They help with digestion and maintain a healthy balance of gut flora in your digestive tract, so you should consider making probiotics a part of your routine. There are also 3 reasons why probiotics are even more helpful for Candida sufferers. “ ~ Lisa Richards (an expert in digestive health)

Those 3 reasons are:
1. They rebuild your immune system you can increase your body’s natural defenses against Candida and prevent it from coming back.
2. They help to restore the correct acidity which is vital for proper digestion and is one of your best defenses against pathogens like Candida Albicans.
3. They fill your gut with ‘good’ bacteria which ‘kick out’ the Candida yeast.

I was told to look for high quality potent probiotic with several probiotic strains plus prebiotic. This one has 10 which after researching probiotic is a lot!

I was told that a potent probiotic would have a higher CFU. Most I have researched only 5 billion or 10 billion this one has 50 billion!

I was warned that I would know it was working because I would go through the not so fun “kill off” period where you can have flu like symptoms.... well it’s been a week on the Biome Plus and I thinks it’s sage to say it’s working! With that said, I was lastly told to stick to my food restrictions (keeping in mind that the Biome Plus Probiotic does not have wheat, gluten, or dairy in it unlike some); that you must drink TONS of water to help flush it out of your system. Which I am.

The last part of getting rid of the Candida is having a PreBiotic. (Prebiotics are typically non-digestible, fiber-compounds that pass undigested through the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract and stimulate the growth or activity of advantageous-bacteria that colonize the large bowel by acting as substrate for them. - wikipedia) The Biome Plus does have a prebiotic but I should mention I am also taking Biome Balance Fiber, Organic prebiotic blend too. ( Would suggest it as it has Inulin which has been proven to help battle Candida)

As of now I am feeling the “die off” but couldn’t be happier because I know that it means it’s working! If you have a Candida infection, I would suggest this product hands down!
— The Myers Family
I take probiotics a few times a year to give my system a boost.
Probiotics promote a healthy digestive system.
They can also help with many heath issues including helping your immune system.
Recently I had to go on antibiotics. Antibiotics kill the good bacteria with the bad.
You should definitely use this after taking antibiotics to restore your gut flora.
This probiotic formula, from Biome Plus, seems to be of excellent quality.
I haven’t had any digestive issues using it. I feel that probiotics help me with my general health.
— David Andre
I have lost 2 pounds since I started taking these, one in the morning and one at night. I have improved my eating habits and think that paired with the probiotic has contributed to my new weight loss. I notice after taking my pill I have a full feeling, I’m unsure if it is my body getting use to all the new bacteria or if it’s something to be expected with continued use. I can’t say I have had a noticeable increase in energy since starting Biome Plus but I can’t say I’ve had any ill effects either. Looking forward to seeing how I will feel once I finish a whole bottle then I will know for sure if it’s something I will continue.
— Joe T. Crain
My tummy feels so much better.
I have stomach issues and have used probiotics for a long time to help with IBS, gas, and gluten bloat. I highly believe in adding a probiotic into a daily regiment.

With that in mind, these seem to work really well so far, and so I am happy with them. They are refrigerated after opening to help sustain the strains. So, although they aren’t purchased from a fridge, they still need to be kept there.
— Tanya M.
My stomach was so bloated and painful and I had so many issues with constipation.
My stomach and digestive tract were a mess after a round of very harsh antibiotics. My immune system was really crashing from candida overload and leaky gut. This probiotic is packed with 50 BILLION CFU of 11 different strains of probiotics. Our immune system is made 70% of our stomach, so when that is unbalanced it leads to more chronic issues in our health. My stomach was so bloated and painful and I had so many issues with constipation, GERD, seasonal allergies, and general fatigue. I am finally having normal regular bowel movements, fatigue is improving, allergies are less, GERD is almost non-existent and I no longer look 5 months pregnant with bloated belly. I am less anxious and sleeping much better, too.
— Katy0221
High quality, high potency probiotic! 50 billion CFUs will definitely do your body good!!!
This is a high quality, high potency probiotic. Probiotics are fantastic for everybody but especially those with digestive disorders such as IBS, people who are taking antibiotics should supplement with probiotics to keep from getting a yeast infection, and high doses of probiotics can take care of a yeast infection as well. 50 billion CFUs is more than you will find in the majority of probiotics. The directions say to refrigerate after opening but I’d feel better about the Biome Plus probiotics if they were refrigerated after manufacturing and also kept cold while being shipped. I’m not convinced I’m getting the full 50 billion since they’re not being kept cold the entire time. I have gastroparesis so anything I can take to help my gut, I take. lower dose probiotics really don’t help much but the higher dose ones definitely do. I had SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) 2 years ago and, rather than go in to get treated, I took oregano oil and probiotics containing 50-100 billion CFUs and in 4 months it was gone. WHen you’re taking antibiotics, yeast infections can occur so taking a high dose probiotic like Biome’s 50 billion will keep that yeast away. And I have to mention the boost to your immune system you get from taking a good probiotic. Everybody can benefit from that! Even if you have no issues that require probiotics, they’re great to take anyway. The more good bacteria in your gut, the better!!!
— Carrie R.
Really works!
Ok, I really love this stuff,I do not get bloated when I take this everyday like it states on the bottle. My stomach feels so much better when I take these,and I have tried several probiotics,but honestly I really like these the best out of all I tried. I will continue to purchase biome plus. I believe it has the right strains of probiotics and that is why it works so well.
— Hope Franklin
Quality Probiotic.
We buy Biome Plus primarily for vaginal health. My wife is prone to yeast infections especially when she takes an antibiotic when she gets sick. This probiotic blend works great to aid recovery and prevent the infection from ever taking hold. It also helps with the smell down there. TMI?
I was hoping that it would be the kind that does not require refrigeration, but it does require refrigeration after opening. No matter. Still a good Probiotic.
— Well intended husband.